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Craving for familiar food creating new export market

This scene seems so familiar and it brings back memories of Jakarta. However, this is no Jakarta or even Indonesia but Ampang, which is located in the Malaysian state of Selangor. This hawker, most probably from Indonesia, sells bakso or Indonesian meat ball in a pushcart. Business was very good when I was there and most of the customers were Malay and likely to be Indonesians since there are many Indonesian workers living in the area. Whether the hawker has a licence is another story but what this shows is there is a market for food from home to satisfy the craving for familiar food. There is also a potential to create a new market for Indonesian food in Malaysia.

Teh Botol available at KKMart

Sosro Teh Botol is a good example. Teh Botol is Indonesia’s national drink and can be increasingly found in Malaysia’s small supermarket/minimart such as Hero and KKMart targeting mainly Indonesians but also locals.

The growing network of Indonesian restaurants such as the Ayam Penyet franchise (Javanese for smashed fried chicken) provides Malaysians with the opportunity to try out Teh Botol. If they like the taste, they can buy the drink from the supermarkets. The availability of Teh Botol through the combination of retail and foodservice channels is helping to cultivate a new export market for Teh Botol.

Ayam Penyet AP menu


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