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Boonrawd rolls out Purra with vitamin C and vitamin B complex

Image from Singha

Thailand’s Boon Rawd Trading has launched a new vitamin water under its Purra water brand. Purra C+B offers 200% of the daily requirement of vitamin C as well as vitamin B complex to improve overall health. The vitamins are imported from Germany.

Purra Vitamin Water is aimed at consumers aged 20 to 35.

Highlighting the provenance of the vitamins is important as other competitors are doing the same to improve the quality perception of their products.

The price is THB 17 per 500ml.

“As the market leader in drinking water and mineral water, we have a relatively large customer base and we believe Purra fans will shift to drink Purra vitamin water, helping us become the market leader in the multi-billion-baht Thai segment in the first year of operations,” said Titiporn Thammapimookkul, chief marketing officer at Boon Rawd Trading.

Boonrawd has previously introduced Singha Lemon Soda to meet consumer needs for vitamin C.

Thais are turning to vitamin-enriched beverages to protect themselves during the pandemic. Osotspa, the maker of C-Vitt, the top vitamin-fortified beverage in the country, registered a 249.3% year-in-year surge in C-Vitt sales in the second quarter of 2020 (first quarter of 2020: up 37.1%).


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