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Asahi brings Goodday cultured milk to the Philippines

Image by 7-Eleven Philippines

Asahi Beverages has introduced the Goodday cultured milk in the Philippines market. Interestingly, Asahi is not using its iconic Calpis logo for the Philippines market but instead chose Goodday, which is the brand well known in Malaysia. Asahi Beverages owns Etika, which makes the Goodday range of dairy products in Malaysia.

In the Philippines, the new Goodday Cultured Milk in mango, original and strawberry flavours is available at 7-Eleven. The price per bottle is PHP 48.

Given the growing demand for dairy in the Philippines, Goodday does have the potential to make an impact on the increasingly competitive local market. In terms of communication, Asahi is associating Goodday cultured milk with Japanese quality, which is always important as Southeast Asian consumers generally have a high regards for Japanese technology and quality.


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