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‘BAREBELLS’, a Swedish best-selling functional food to introduce the new milkshake protein for all health enthusiast

Image by Barebells Thailand

Barebells, an elite functional food brand from Sweden, is now offering you a new milkshake experience to be discovered right here in Thailand, according to the press release.

Proven by the commercial success of their famous low-carb protein bars, (Imported by ASH Asia International) Barebells yet again introduce the new product line by inviting Barebells Ambassador, influencers, celebrities, and three well-established health enthusiasts such as Mickey-Nont Alpach Na Pompetch, Lookmai-Petchpisak Janthawong, and Micheal ‘Mike’ Carrano over to shed some light on their practice of maintaining a healthy lifestyle at The Executive lounge, 19th floor, Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok whilst hosting ‘Vertical Run’, which is an exercising participation of running from Bangkok’s Chinatown towards an opulence greener area amid the city.

Another highlight of the event is the launch of Barebells Milkshake itself, announcing a healthy vanilla and chocolate flavored milkshake to add to your addiction list, offering:
High Protein: Offering up to 24 grams of protein, which also include 90% absorbable whey protein isolate.
No Added Sugar: The sweet flavors featured comes from the ingredients itself.
Tasty Treat: There’s no compromise on the flavors! A creamy texture, and the perfect balance of sweetness is sure to please your taste buds.
Lactose Free: There’s no need to worry at all if you’re lactose intolerance.
GMO Free: Forget about all the artificial flavor and industrial chemical, the ingredients chosen to make this perfect milkshake are all natural and organic.
BAREBELLS Protein Bars & BAREBELLS Milkshakes are now available at Shopee, Lazada, Health product stores, and most top-tier fitness center. You can also follow its movement on social media via Facebook & Instagram: Barebells Thailand.


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