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7-Eleven Hong Kong x Tabasco

Image by 7-Eleven Hong Kong

7-Eleven Hong Kong has teamed up with Tabasco to launch a series of food items featuring the spicy taste of Tabasco. The items under 7 Fresh comprise Chipotle Chicken Korean Roll (辣椒仔煙燻雞肉韓式手卷) and Chipotle Meatball Hot Wrap (辣椒仔煙燻雞肉丸熱捲餅). Both are spiced with Tabasco Brand Chipotle Sauce.

7-Eleven Hot Shot x TABASCO Brand two new snacks are Spicy Stirred Udon (辣椒仔是拉差撈烏冬) and Buffalo Chicken Wing (辣椒仔水牛城雞翼).

The collaboration with Tabasco in Hong Kong can be replicated in other markets in Southeast Asia as consumers are constantly looking for new spicy food flavours.


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