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Burger King unveils plant-based Whopper in partnership with v2food

Image by Burger King Philippines

Burger King in the Philippines has recently unveiled plant-based Whopper in Luzon. This meat-less Whopper, which is 100% flame-grilled, 0% beef, taps into the growing plant-based trend worldwide.

Prices start at PHP 89 for an a la carte order of Whopper Junior.

According to Allan Tan, Marketing Director, Burger King Philippines, “Filipinos are such huge meat-eaters, and the insight for this local roll-out is to provide them with an affordable alternative, to reduce meat intake with an equally satisfying product.”

The plant-based Whopper was launched in partnership with Australia’s number one plant-based company v2food. For vegan, they can opt to remove mayonnaise and cheese from the burger as the standard version comes with the bun, cheese, mayo, tomato, and greens.

The burger offers 20g of protein per serving. The protein is derived mainly from soy.

As a meat-loving nation, Philippines is surprisingly ripe for a meat-less revolution. We have seen Monde Nissin acquiring Quorn back in 2015. Most recently, Century Pacific Food, known for its tuna, announced it has launched a plant-based brand called UnMeat. We see potential for more meat substitution in the Philippines driven by animal welfare and health needs.



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