Home Country Philippines Datu Puti maker NutriAsia is joining the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx)

Datu Puti maker NutriAsia is joining the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx)

Image by NutriAsia

NutriAsia is joining the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) to attain plastic neutral certification for its Datu Puti brand. NutriAsia is the producer and distributor of sauces and condiments including Datu Puti, UFC, Golden Fiesta, and Locally.

NutriAsia has pledged to make the entire Datu Puti product portfolio plastic neutral, which entails offsetting 100% of its plastic footprint over the last year and for the future. This means calculating the plastic usage in Datu Puti’s bottles, bottle caps, cap seals, and stand-up pouches, then through PCEx, diverting the equivalent amount of post-consumer plastic from nature. Datu Puti commits to achieving a net-zero plastic footprint by 2021.

Nestlé Philippines has also partnered with PCEx in the collection of post-consumer soft plastics from communities, consolidators and local government units.

A non-profit organization, PCEx takes pledges from companies of all sizes and industries, and funds operations that prevent plastic waste from ending up in nature. It engages communities of waste collectors and aggregators and organizes this informal sector to create dignified work and offer improved livelihood.


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