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New B’lue features vitamin C and B

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Danone Sappe Beverages Company Limited has launched B’lue with vitamin C and B in Thailand. Danone Sappe Beverages is a joint venture between Danone and local functional beverage producer Sappe. The vitamin-rich beverage has vitamin B3, B6 and B12 as well vitamin C that has 200% of a person’s Vitamin C needs. This sugar-free drink is free from calories. B’lue first launched in Thailand contained vitamin B3, B6 and B12.

Danone Sappe Beverages has also made available B’lue is a jelly format delivering 10 multivitamins under the new B’lue + label. The first variant is high in vitamin C (orange flavour), while the other product is high in vitamin B (apple flavour). B’lue + offers satiety from the jelly content.

It is rather not surprising for B’lue to come in jelly format as Sappe is known for its jelly drink. The question is will B’lue + be sold in the Philippines as well?

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