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“Robinhood” food delivery teams up with “We Chef” to bring over 500 food trucks closer to customers

Image by Robinhood
Bangkok–4 Dec 2020

To help small eateries tackle the current economic downturn, homegrown food delivery service Robinhood recently teamed up with the We Chef community platform to successfully add food truck operators to the Robinhood platform. The move is expected to help solve location problems for food truckers due to their ever-changing locations. Robinhood is the only food delivery platform that does not charge a GP (gross profits) fee, allowing food truckers to enjoy better sales and access to customers right at their doorsteps. This collaborative effort will help over 500 We Chef food truckers reach out to even more customers while boosting sales on the food delivery platform.

We Chef Thailand Co., Ltd. CEO & Founder Mr. Vitnit Limcharoen said that, “We Chef is a community for food truckers. We have developed the service platform to support food truckers find parking spaces within our business alliances, such as gas stations, residential villages, markets, and events, allowing them to reserve spaces on our platform. Due to changing behaviors in the digital era, more and more customers have shifted to food delivery platforms. One of the major problems is that food truckers cannot pin their ever-changing locations, leading to connection problems with food delivery platforms. We Chef’s collaboration with Robinhood will help solve their location problems, allowing food truckers to enjoy better access to customers, thus increasing their business activities. At present, We Chef has over 500 food trucks listed on its community. We hope that this partnership will assist our food truck community in enjoying more sales, while enabling customers to enjoy tasty foods at the same price and quality as when buying directly from food trucks.”



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