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Fave Brings You The Ultimate Year-End Gifts Sale — 90% in Savings, Instant Discounts and Bonus Cashback!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 7 December 2020 – With the holidays upon us, it is officially the season for gift-giving. In conjunction with the 12.12 sale in Malaysia, Fave will open its virtual doors once again to shoppers, looking for excellent savings and gift ideas just in time for this holiday season.

Amid the pandemic, the holiday season is going to look slightly different this year! For some of us, we may not be able to be with our friends and family right away or we might simply want to avoid going to stores to protect ourselves. Fortunately, you could be their Secret Santa and surprise your loved ones with a mystery gift with Fave’s Secret Santa Gift Bundle! What better way to pamper your friends and family who have stayed with you through thick and thin than a personalised eCard gift?

The exclusive Santa’s gift bundles allow users to save up 90% and choose from a variety of options whether it is for your best friends, family or even lovebirds.

eCards, the ultimate versatile gift-giving token, are a great addition to your holiday and year-round gift-giving and it will allow users to earn up to 30% in cashbacks.  Enjoy even more savings with FavePay and receive an instant discount with your purchases in the store up to 20%.

Refresh your wardrobe, pamper yourself to skincare treatments or even designer steals you won’t find anywhere else.

Shop your favourite fashion, beauty, and home goods to scoop up the best 12.12 deals in Klang Valley. Here are some of the best finds that we have rounded up on the Fave app: 

Meaningful eCards ‘Tis Season! 

  1. SONX Jewellery with RM100 Cashback bonus

SONX offers a large array of trendy bracelets made with a mix of creative materials and funky colour schemes – this personalised gift with available delivery makes it the perfect gift option. Get a SONX eCard worth RM200 for RM100.

  1. XES Shoes with RM60 cashback bonus

XES shoes offer patrons different fashionable styles, whether it’s high heels, sneakers, or sandals! Walk away with a XES shoes eCard worth RM260 for RM200 this festive season. 

  1. Miniso with RM20 cashback bonus

Your friend or loved ones will enjoy their favourite ‘life supplies’ such as household items, digital products and skincare this holiday season from Miniso! Get a Miniso eCard worth RM120 for RM100. 

Treat yourself or your loved ones to fashion & food  purchases with extra instant discount on FavePay with these promo codes

  1. PUMA with 15% savings
    Run the streets with PUMA. Get 5% cashback when you pay via FavePay at PUMA stores nationwide. But that’s not it, get another additional 10% instant discount when you checkout with the promo code PUMA10 with a minimum purchase of RM300.
  2. MOG Eyewear with 10% savings

Looking for a pair of super sleek branded eyewear? Ranging from high-quality sunglasses or opticals, MOG Eyewear serves up the most stylish eyewear brands catered to your budget. Get 5% cashback when you pay via FavePay at MOG Eyewear and additional 5% instant discount when you checkout with the promo code MOG5.


  1. Bari Uma with 25% savings

Ignite your taste buds with a tantalising dish of a hot bowl of shoyu uma ramen. Get 5% cashback when you pay via FavePay at Bari Uma and an additional 20% instant discount when you checkout with the promo code BARIUMA20.


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