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Sasa MSG sponsors Uncle Roger’s latest video

Image by Uncle Roger

We have been waiting for an MSG brand to reach out to Uncle Roger. Is it Ajinomoto? nope. It is Sasa! Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, or better known as his persona Uncle Roger, is promoting Sasa MSG, which is made by Indonesia’s PT Sasa Inti. Sasa is the sponsor of Uncle Roger’s newest video.

Uncle Roger in his latest video on 6 December 2020 said he would be making his own egg fried rice when he has 3 million subscribers. Uncle Roger making his egg fried rice is only a matter of time. At the time of writing on 9 December 2020, he already has 2.81 million subscribers.

We expect Uncle Roger will be using Sasa’s ‘Javanese fried rice seasoning’ when he makes his own egg fried rice. Well, this has become a reality. Here’s the video.

Sasa has been working hard to modernise and removing the stigma attached to MSG. In a campaign launched in 2020, Sasa engaged Finch Agency to break the stigma of MSG as an unhealthy and harmful seasoning ingredient that can affect the cognitive performance of the human body when consumed over a long period.

Sasa’s campaign gives a new meaning to the term ‘generasi micin’, from what people mostly refer to as young and reckless, to become a term that represents people who have the freedom to be themselves and have the courage to go beyond the limit. The campaign has also removed the stigma around MSG and young people by making puns out of the abbreviation into some millennial stereotypes.

Sponsoring Uncle Roger is one way for Sasa to convey the message that MSG is cool across to a global audience.

By the way, Sasa will have a new packaging for its gourmet powder (MSG).


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