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Cocoaland latest Fruit10 Himalayan Red Salt Drink

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Cocoaland has become another company in Malaysia to launch Himalayan salt drink after Cadiz Advance (Himalayan Rock Salt & Lemon). Cocoaland is known for its foods and beverages including Fruit10, Lot100 gummy and Cocopie. Back in May 2020, the company launched Lot 100 Himalayan Red Salt Mint Candy. The product is described as rich in Vitamin C, mineral and sodium, to support the immune system and give the extra cooling sensation. Lot100 Himalayan Red Salt Mint Candy was renamed Lot100 °Cool Mint Himalaya Salt Mint Candy.

Now the company has turned the candy into a drink under its Fruit10 label. The drink Fruit10 Himalayan Red Salt Drink Lemon Flavoured (350ml) is made with natural Himalayan red salt rich in mineral and sodium as well as vitamin C from lemon juice. As a sport drink, it boosts the energy level and helps to replenish and hydrate during workout. The drink targets individuals who are active in sport, athletes and those with jobs that are exposed to heat stress.

Click here to purchase Cocoaland’s products on its official Shopee site.

Cocoaland Holdings Bhd saw its topline revenue down 9.8% year-on-year for the first nine months of 2020 due to the soft demand for in-house gummy from abroad especially Vietnam, China, South Korea and Hong Kong. The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced consumer demand for non-essential products.



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