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Julie’s Iconic Biscuit Hopes to Empower Consumers with its Vibrant Makeover & Confident Brand Voice

New Packaging, Signature Product Selection & Spirited Marketing Aims to Rekindle Nostalgia and Spark Connection with New Consumers

MALAYSIA: DECEMBER 2020 – Julie’s, the eponymous biscuit brand founded 35 years ago, has emerged with new confidence and a spirit of hope. To celebrate her new look and message of rejuvenation, a series of teasers and a short film titled Operation Maybe, have been produced to give insight into this iconic brand’s milestone evolution.

On 1st January 2021, Operation Maybe, featuring an ensemble of veteran, award-winning and emerging Malaysian cast including Indi Nadarajah, Fabian Loo, Amanda Ang and Bella Rahim will be rolled out on Julie’s YouTube, Social Media and digital platforms. Conceptualised and produced by award-winning agency, GOVT, the content tugs on heart-strings as it aims to show the challenges of preserving a heritage brand, management of employee feedback and actual responses from Julie’s consumers, all with the hope of drawing a laugh or two.

Julie’s Director, Tzy Horng Sai. “We felt after 35 years, Julie’s needed some rejuvenation. For the longest time, we were kind of just…there. Seen, but not necessarily heard. We wanted to change that.  Julie’s will always be Julie’s. We still hold the values that have made us who we are today. But now, we want to shout it out to the world. We want to be bold and thought-provoking, to bring a little optimism to the everyday. It’s a change we believe our loyal fans will be on board with, and one we hope will attract new ones too. Taking a plunge into something new isn’t just something we’ve done, it’s something we hope to inspire others to do too. In partnership with GOVT, we believe these short films capture Julie’s new personality.” 

Sai emphasised that with the new look and bright packaging, Julie’s fans will not be disappointed with what they discover enclosed in the animated, vibrant new wrapper. The brand’s signature selection of biscuits from Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Love Letters and Le-mond Cream Puff Sandwiches are still lovingly baked to perfection using original recipes that are free of artificial colouring and preservatives.

“Our commitment to the highest food safety standards is paramount. We source only the finest raw ingredients that undergo a rigorous process to deliver the tastiest treats to our consumers. Recipes passed down to our bakers over three and half decades are carefully preserved, and we are proud of the products that have become a symbol of love,” said Sai.

Malaysia and Singapore are the first two markets to enjoy the new packaging. Distribution of the new Julie’s to the remaining international markets will be rolled out in phases from the beginning of 2021.


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