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Elevate the joy of eating cup noodle at Acecook’s Buffet Mily

Image by Acecook Vietnam

Acecook Vietnam launched a new restaurant format to bring its instant noodle to the next level. Known as Buffet Mily, the new concept allow consumers to customise their instant noodle with fresh toppings and access to a wider range of soup choices. Consumers can even personalise their cup noodle with stickers. Once done, the final step is to add boiling water to the cup noodle and enjoy the meal.

Image by Acecook Vietnam

We have seen instant noodle brands moving into foodservice but the Acecook’s approach retains the instant noodle feel. We see this as a move by Acecook to promote its instant cup noodle and educate consumers on how to personalise their cup noodle even further.

At the moment, consumption of cup noodle in Vietnam is just 5%, which is a figure that is comparatively lower than Thailand at 15% and Japan at 70%.

Buffet Mily is located at Lot T171, 1st Floor, AEON Hai Phong, 10 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Kenh Duong Ward, Le Chan District, City. Hai Phong

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