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Miepan Zuzuzu offers milk noodle

Image by Miepan Zuzuzu

Miepan Zuzuzu is bringing a new innovation to Indonesia with milk noodle. Located at Foodcourt Royal Plaza Surabaya, the newly-opened restaurant claims to be the first milk noodle in the country. Mipean Zuzuzu was founded by four friends from Surabaya – Lucky Chandra, Christoper Albion, James Sutanto and Bambang Sugiarto.

The way the noodle is cooked is similar to spaghetti carbonara but instead of using pasta, it uses noodle and a special recipe. The toppings have also been localised to suit the local taste. This combination of western and Indonesian offers a noodle with a taste that is thick and creamy.

Miepan Zuzuzu also sells milk and chocolate-flavoured milk at the store. At the moment, Miepand Zuzuzu is available in original and spicy with a plan to sell the curry variant in the future.


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