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Starbucks Philippines Veganuary with three plant-based options

Plant-based Classic Lasagna. Image by Starbucks Philippines

In celebration of Veganuary, Starbucks Philippines has rolled out Classic Lasagna, BBQ Mochi Bun, and the Mince Roll from 5 January 2021 for a limited time only. These plant-based meals are made using Omnipork and Daiya cheese. Do note that the lasagna has dairy milk, while the BBQ mochi bun has eggs and dairy milk. Only the plant-based mince roll is considered vegan-friendly.

Plant-based BBQ Mochi Bun
  • Plant-based Classic Lasagna (PHP 195) – This classic lasagna is the perfect Italian comfort food Made with hearty plant-based ground patty Bolognese layered with plant based cheese and al-dente noodles.
  • Plant-based BBQ Mochi Bun (PHP 85) – Soft, airy, and chewy baked mochi bun stuffed with a sweet plant-based Asian barbecue filling.
  • Plant-based Mince Rolls (PHP 95) – Butter and flaky crust filled with plant-based ground patty with a flair of Italian flavor and finished with creamy plant-based cheese sauce
Plant-based Mince Roll

The problem with these offerings are not all are certified vegan, which needs to be highlighted to vegans who are not the same as vegetarians.


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