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The Manhattan FISH MARKET makes it easy to cook fish at home

Image by Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan FISH MARKET launched its ready-to-cook fish at the right time back in December 2020 with MCO 2.0 come into place in January 2021. Customers are able to enjoy the best of The Manhattan FISH MARKET products at the comfort of their own home.

Each pack of is carefully packed and sealed to preserve the product flavours which is marinated to give the best taste. The restaurant chain offers a variety of fish; Cherry Snapper, Seabass and Air-Flown Salmon, each cut and marinated to perfection. The preparation is done for your convenience and ready to be cooked at home. It is that easy. All you have to do is to choose your preferred cooking method – grill, bake, steam, fry, poach, microwave or sous-vide.

There is free delivery on all orders until 26 January 2021 with no minimum spending required.

Click here to order: https://bit.ly/37h7itt

The Manhattan FISH MARKET has also introduced the new Heavenly Treasure dish with a take on Poon Choi, which is traditional Cantonese festival meal composed of many layers of different ingredients.



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