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1980 Boom Cha Brew launches 180ml kombucha for on-the-go

Image by 1980 Boom Cha Brew

1980 Boom Cha Brew, a kombucha producer in Malaysia founded in May 2020, has launched a smaller single-serve bottle (180ml) targeting on-the-go consumption. The new Mini 6 pack is more portable and convenient to consume and serves as an alternative to the current 450ml bottle.

The 180ml pack size with its lower price (RM 14.90 vs RM 29.90 for a 450ml) is also ideally positioned to promote trial among consumers who are new to kombucha. However like most kombucha in a glass, 1980 Boom Cha Brew needs to be refrigerated. We feel that there is a future opportunity to sell kombucha in an aluminum can to make the fermented drink more accessible and more affordable to consumers.

You can buy 1980 Boom Cha Brew’s unpasterurised, vegan-friendly and natural kombucha on this site.

To help spread the benefits of kombucha, the company has various programs for inspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow or expand their business potential. Interested individuals can join as a stockist or participate in their dropship program to sell kombucha. The dropship program offers 10% profit for each unit sold. Click here for more information about the program.



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