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Nestle launches Cerelac Homestyle

Image by Nestle Indonesia

Nestle has launched Cerelac Homestyle in Indonesia. Cerelac Homestyle is high in iron and protein and has 10 vitamins and 5 minerals, omega 3 and 6 and other important nutrients to support the developmental needs of babies aged 7 months and above.

The cereal is available in 2 flavours – chicken carrot and vegetables.

Cerelac Homestyle offers a more homestyle texture. However, it is also more expensive compared to other Cerelac cereal products in Indonesia.

As more parents now work from home due to COVID-19, the resulting impact is more parents are making baby foods at home. By launching Cerelac Homestyle, Nestle hopes to be able to reach out to parents who want the convenience of packaged cereal but also  the home-made qualities.





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