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Burger King Singapore expands the CNY taste profile to include Chilli Crab

Image by Burger King Singapore

Burger King Singapore has taken on the iconic Singapore dish chilli crab as its Chinese New Year (CNY) flavour for 2021. The CNY menu consists of Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Burger (SGD 9.50 ala carte) and Chilli Crab Long Chicken Burger (SGD 5.90 ala carte).

“Chilli Crab isn’t the dish you first associate with Lunar New Year, in part because we go to great lengths to avoid using sharp objects on the first day of Lunar New Year to ensure our good luck and fortune stay intact. However, we’re also acutely aware that this year’s celebrations will be a little different, so we challenged ourselves to reimagine our limited edition Lunar New Year burger. We decided to embrace that difference by surprising and delighting our fans with our Chilli Crab burgers that would excite their taste buds, as well as remind them of happy, extended family dinners gone by. Even if you’re not spending time with your extended family this year, you can still celebrate it your way,” commented Irene Tay, Marketing Director, Burger King Singapore.

So chilli crab is not associated with Lunar New Year as described by Irene. What Burger King has done is to expand the CNY taste profile to include other local flavours and not restricting itself to just the usual CNY flavours. We think the foodservice players are becoming increasingly experimental. Mala and salted egg, both are not CNY flavours are fast becoming associated with CNY. Now is the time to move beyond these flavours to look for something even new.



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