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Boncabe brings its extreme spicy taste to macaroni snack

Image by Boncabe

Boncabe is diversifying from seasoning into more segments including snacks, while keeping the brand’s spirit of delivering extreme spiciness intact. After branching out into instant noodle in 2020, Boncabe from Indonesia is now present in the snack category. Instead of innovating with the usual potato chips, the company decided to come up with Snack Boncabe Makaroni Krispy or crispy macaroni snack as its new snack product.

Macaroni snack can be easily found in Indonesia and is usually produced by the smaller snack brands. Boncabe’s version uses its seasoning as a unique selling point. There are two versions with one having the level 10 spiciness and the other with the level 15 spiciness.

In another development, Boncabe has introduced a refill pack. Instead of buying a new bottle, consumers can now reach out for the refill pack to save some money.


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