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New Tuna Light Meal is low in calories and packed with goodness

Image by RedMart

In Singapore, Ayam Brand has introduced a new range of Tuna Light Meal for healthy eaters. Available in spicy or mildly spicy flavours, Tuna Light Meal offers a quick meal with calories of less than 200kcal or 300kcal.

Tuna Light Meal comprises the following products and each product comes with a fork.

Tuna Light Meal with Carrots, Beans and Corn (less than 200kcal) – Mildly spicy, with added crunchiness and bite, a super quick meal that will keep you fuelled for longer

Tuna Light Meal with Green Beans, Carrots and Red Rice (less than 200kcal) – For those who need a quick and easy lunch at work with a bit of a spicy umph

Tuna Light Meal with Chickpeas, Lentils and Quinoa (less than 300kcal) – A convenient solution for those who love quinoa but takes forever to prepare it for breakfast

The ideal of having a shelf-stable seafood bowl that can be eaten on its own is interesting. Some consumers are already eating straight from the can but by adding extra healthy ingredients, this would make the tuna more appealing as a complete dish on its own.

 Tuna Light Meal (150g) is available at RedMart for SGD 3.95 each. Click here to purchase.


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