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Bentamix: more than water

Image by Bentamix

Bentamix, a new drink by Malaysian actor Ben Amir, has been launched. Bentamix is described as a vitamin water made from real watermelon extract. The drink comes in a portable spout pouch. It is free from added sugar and only has 6g of sugar from watermelon, which makes the drink a healthier alternative to the sugary-laden beverages in the market.

Bentamix contains vitamin C, E, B5, B6, B9 and B12 as well as biotin. The drink is priced around RM 6.00. Bentamix is available through stokists or online. Apparently, the drink is also available in Singapore.

Bentamix fills the gap in the lack of watermelon-based drink in the market, while its vitamin-packed proposition fits current consumer needs.



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