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Enjoy herbal soup conveniently at home with Bentoree new range of ready-to-heat products

Image by Bentoree

Bentoree, a Malaysia-based producer of ready-to-eat meals, has taken convenience one step further by launching a new line of ready-to-heat herbal soups. These soups are boiled using numerous herbs and are free from preservatives, additives and colorings. Just need to heat the soup in the microwave for 2 minutes before serving.

The herbal soups include the following:

  • Ginseng Cordyceps Flower Soup
  • Four Herbs Chicken Soup
  • Triple Health Booster Soup
  • Dang Sheng Chicken Soup
  • Shi Chuan Chicken Soup
  • Ba Zhen Chicken Soup
  • Lotus Root Soup with Chicken & Peanut
  • Almond Mushroom Soup
  • Glehnia Root Yu Zhu Chicken Soup

The herbal soup is sold at RM 60 (6 units) or RM 120 (12 units). Click here to purchase the soup.

For other Bentoree ready-to-eat fried rice, they can be bought on Shopee Malaysia. Click here to make the purchase.

We have seen Ayam Brand launching something similar in a can format but consumers do have reservation about the freshness. Bentoree’s approach of selling this product, which has a relatively shorter shelf life of 3 months, in a traditional soup container makes its more visually appealing.



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