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Le Vyr adds a Lunar New Year twist to its kombucha and milk kefir

Image by Le Vyr

Le Vyr, the artisinal brewery of kombucha & milk kefir from Singapore, has launched its limited edition festive flavour Mandarin Orange Kombucha.

Here is how Le Vyr described the way they perfected the art of applying the Mandarin orange as an ingredient.

“Although… working with it’s peel can be rather tricky too. The Mandarin Orange fruit is COVERED with PITH. Pith is the white, stringy fibres covering the peel and the fruit. Well the funny thing is… the pith is extremely bitter. And when not handled correctly, can cause an extremely bitter after-taste in each brew! Our Mandarin Orange Kombucha has most of it’s pith removed before boiling it off for a good… 5 times. This ensures that we retain the fragrance in the PEEL yet perfectly balancing the brew off without it’s bitterness commonly associated with the fruit!”

This festive exclusive flavour is now available at www.levyrsg.com.

Le Vyr has also come up with the Pineapple Tart Milk Kefir made from premium fresh pineapples. Here’s a tip from Le Vyr on how to enjoy its Pineapple Tart Milk Kefir.

1. Shake the bottle./ Or Don’t. (make sure it’s chilled!!)
2. Enjoy it straight out of the bottle OR if you chose not to shake it, pour the entire content of the bottle into a nice little bowl.
3. Dig into the dessert with a small bite of the Pineapple Tart Kosong.
(Or however way you want also can lah)

The result, if you do choose to follow the steps above is a mouthful filled with playful textures from the fibrous, sweet pineapple coulis and the creamy, tangy Milk Kefir to the salty, buttery Pineapple Tart Kosong.



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