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Royco adds iodised salt to tackle hidden hunger

Image by Royco

Royco, the seasoning brand of Unilever, has launched Royco with iodised salt in Indonesia to tackle the public health issue relating to hidden hunger. According to the WHO, “hidden hunger occurs when the quality of food people eat does not meet their nutrient requirements, so the food is deficient in micronutrients such as the vitamins and minerals that they need for their growth and development.”

Government health data from 2013 (Riset Kesehatan Dasar 2013) shows 14.9% of school-aged children face the problem of the lack of iodine.

Royco hopes the new beef and chicken seasoning with iodised salt can help to mitigate the issue. The campaign is supported by healthy recipes Royco NutriMenu that are available on the brand’s website.


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