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Use high quality Danone AQUA water to brew your coffee

Image by dewimagazine.com

Danone AQUA is dipping into all the marketing tricks it has to spur the sale of its bottled water in Indonesia. The country’s biggest bottled water maker recently promoted its mineral water as the best companion to making coffee at home. The minerals in the water help to enhance the taste of the coffee, claimed Muhammad Aga, an award winning Barista.

Actually Danone AQUA can extend this concept further by promoting the use of bottled water in rice cooking or cooking in general as what some of the bottled water players in China have done.

Danone AQUA has also launched limited edition AQUA Kids featuring Pinkfong Baby Shark and numerous campaigns including prizes to stimulate sales during 2020.

Bottled water sales in Indonesia have been impacted by the reduction of out-of-home activities. For example, rival PT Sariguna Primatirta Tbk (CLEO) saw its sales during the first nine months of 2020 fell 7.2% year-on-year but expects to stage a 30% growth in 2021.

As more people from home, demand for gallon water rose. The Association of Indonesian Producers of Packaged Drinking Water (ASPADIN) expects gallon water will spur the overall demand for packaged water to post a 1% rise in volume sales in 2020. However, sales value will stagnant or decline as gallon water has low margin compared with other packaging sizes. Gallon water accounts for around 70% of packaged water sales in Indonesia.



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