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Sasa makes its Multi Purpose Seasoned Flour more nutritious

Image by Sasa

PT Sasa Inti, the Indonesian MSG and seasoning producer, has fortified its Multi Purpose Seasoned Flour to make it more nutritious and address the prevailing nutritional deficit. Sasa Multi Purposed Flour is made from a combination of selected spices to produce crispy fried food that rich in taste and aroma.

By having the new Sasa Platinum Care+, the seasoned flour is now high in iron, zinc, vitamin B2 and B9 and fibre, making it the first of its kind in the country.

We are seeing sauce and seasoning companies embracing the strategies of either minus (reduction of nasties) or plus (adding more functional benefits). The latest examples of plus include Royco adding iodised salt to tackle hidden hunger and Sasa Platinum Care+. This better-for-you strategy through fortification will hopefully deliver both convenience and health to its users but it is always important to consume more fresh produce in the diet.


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