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7-Eleven very own Chicken & Egg Muffin resembles McD

Image by 7-Eleven Singapore

7-Eleven Singapore has recently launched its All-Day 7-Select Chicken & Egg Muffin with an improved recipe. This chicken and egg muffin, which is usually served at fast food restaurant in the morning, is available all-day. It features a  fresh sunny side-up egg with chicken sausage patty and melted cheese, sandwiched between lightly toasted muffins.

The media described the All-Day 7-Select Chicken & Egg Muffin as similar to McDonald’s McMuffin.

In a similar note, another media portrays the new range of 7-Eleven instant, single-person hotpots as a value-for-money, ‘Haidilao’ style option. The hotpot is available in Mala Chicken, Tomato Seafood and Herbal Chicken flavours.

Other new 7-Eleven launches include Sweet Corn Pau, fresh lemongrass drink and Chicken Katsudon Onigiri.

The chicken cutlet rice bowl now comes in the form of a tasty Chicken Katsudon Onigiri with the tender Breaded Chicken Katsu sitting atop a circular egg disc and Hijiki Seaweed Rice.



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