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It’s super, it’s lovely, it’s caramel-ly, in a heart-shaped chocolate fudge cake – it’s Banapple’s Super-Lovin’ Caramel Jr. Cake!

Image by Banapple

February 14 is just around the corner! Banapple’s exclusive Valentine’s Day heart-shaped
cake is now up for pre-order.

Shout out to all you sweet lovers out there – by sweet, we mean fans of cake and Valentine’s Day lovers, too! For years, Banapple has been a beloved home in your neighborhood serving a roster of original dishes and desserts for all. Baked with love (always), this year is extra special with their exclusive Valentine’s Day treat, the Super-Lovin’ Caramel Jr. Cake! With a chocolate fudgy cake base covered in their own luscious, homemade toffee caramel topped with chocolate sprinkles, you might just not stop taking one bite after another!

Whether it’s a spontaneous date or a surprise celebration with your loved ones at home,
Banapple’s got you on Valentine’s Day! As they have given us enough reason to patronize
their exceptional, delectable meals filled with warmth and love, they have undoubtedly
given us extra reason to enjoy and savor this special cake they have prepared for us.

Starting February 4, Banapple is taking pre-orders of this cake delight for P650 that’s
ready for store pick-up or express delivery from February 11 to 14, making you all set for
your surprise Valentine’s date or intimate home celebrations with your family on the 14th.
Delivery can also be made through GrabFood on the 13th and 14th.

Hurry and grab this exclusive 2021 Valentine’s Day delight to complete your checklist
before everyone does!

To pre-order, head straight to m.me/Banapple or visit banapplekitchen.com/shop/

Follow Banapple on their socials:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/banapplekitchen/
Instagram and Twitter: @banapplekitchen


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