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Discover Harvest Gourmet plant-based meat by Nestlé (Malaysia)

Image by Nestle Malaysia

Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad was reported to be rolling out its plant-based meat from the Malaysia-based plant-based meal solutions manufacturing facility by early January 2021 for the HoReCa clients, reported The Star in an article in December 2020. Nestlé (M) CEO Juan Aranols later told foodnavigator-asia.com that this would happen “some time in February 2021“. Retailing the products directly to consumers would be around April 2021.

The Malaysia plant-based meat manufacturing site is the second of its kind for Nestlé in APAC apart from the one in Tianjin.

We went on the Halal.gov.my website to find what would be the plant-based products for the market. The brand is Harvest Gourmet and consists of three products that have so far received the Malaysian government’s halal certification.

  • Chargrilled Pieces – authentic grilled sear marks and provide a satisfying smoked taste
  • Schnitzel – pre-cooked and can easily be warmed in the oven or in a fryer
  • Sensational Burger – incredible burger flavour and experience

The launch of Harvest Gourmet in Malaysia will be a game changer.  Discover Harvest Gourmet at Nestlé Professional Malaysia website at https://www.nestleprofessional.com.my/harvest-gourmet




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