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Insect-based Entomeat now on GrabFood, FoodPanda, AirAsia Food

Image by Ento

Ento, a Malaysian company that specialises in insect-based foods, has officially announced its new Entomeat is now available on GrabFood, FoodPanda and AirAsiaFood.

The new cricket-based meat-less options comprise four products:

  • Ento Meatball Bolognese
  • Entomeat Burger
  • Swedish Style Ento Meatball
  • Entomeat Hot Dog

Ento Meatball Bolognese consists of juicy cricket meatballs smoothered in rich tomato-based sauce served with classic al dante spaghetti.

The Swedish Style Ento Meatballs with mushroom gravy are served with creamy mashed potatoes & boiled peas, with a side of sweet cranberry sauce.

The Entomeat Hot Dog consists of butter seared entomeat sausage in a bed of soft roll and topped with crunchy onions, pickles & mustard ketchup.

Entomeat Burger is described as an umami-packed cricket patty paired with sweet-spicy honey mustard and ketchup layered with fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheddar cheese.

Ento is taking on the other plant-based players with an insect twist. By turning them into a meal, this could pave the way for more opportunities for trial and acceptance. The next step would be to sell them as a take-home pack in the form of a cooking ingredient for in-home consumption.

Ento edible snack foods are available for purchase on Shopee.



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