Home Food Sauce Oishi Group unveils take-home Japanese-style sauces

Oishi Group unveils take-home Japanese-style sauces

Image by Oishi Group

Oishi Group in Thailand has introduced a new line of take home Japanese-style sauces as it looks at new ways to generate more revenue to offset declining restaurant income. The sauces include Shoyu, Teriyaki and Sukiyaki in 200ml to 330ml priced between THB 65 to THB 67 per bottle.

For the three months ending December 2020 (first quarter of fiscal 2020/21), Oishi Group reported total sales and services revenue down 20.7% year-on-year with the food division declined 33.7% impacted by new COVID-19 outbreak. The comparison period Q1/2019-2020 was before the spread of COVID-19.


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