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Kinder launches Applaydu – a new mobile app which brings toys to life through augmented reality

Image by Ferrero

SINGAPOREFeb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kinder, a Ferrero brand, announces the launch of Applaydu, a new mobile app which brings Kinder toys to life through augmented reality in a fun world of discovering and imagination.

Applaydu is a free edutainment playing experience, developed with Gameloft for brands, which aims to encourage bonding time where parents and their children can play and discover together. The University of Oxford’s Department of Education provided academic feedback during the development of the App.

Applaydu offers an immersive new experience dedicated to children from four to nine years old: the environments, characters and stories are thought and built to spark their imagination and stimulate their ability to learn new things. Users of Applaydu can enjoy games, interactive stories, activities and a lot more.

The new Applaydu mobile app also provides a family friendly, safe and controlled environment, free of ads nor in-app purchase, as well as Parental Control features such as activities report and adaptive difficulty to ensure a complete peace of mind for parents. It is designed to be used with the whole family, however parents can rest assured that appropriate safeguards are in place to guarantee that children can enjoy themselves securely.

To develop the app, Kinder has partnered with Gameloft for brands – leader in the creation of gaming experiences for brands – who provided their expertise in terms of gameplay, technology, art direction and 3D animation.

Meanwhile, Oxford University’s Department of Education provided Kinder with a set of guidelines to help Kinder’s development of the App, aimed at helping children’s progression by creating and developing a game that utilizes and develops cognitive skills including mathematics, motor skills, reading & writing, and memory.


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