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Subplace – Asia’s first subscription platform

Image by Subplace

Yakult and other FMCG brands in Malaysia have joined Subplace, which is described as Asia’s first subscription platform. Subplace is an online subscription platform that helps consumers to automatically replenish their most regularly consumed groceries and household essentials.

Apart from groceries, Subplace also has other categories including home and lifestyle (Ogawa, Goodnite etc) where you can rent a massage chair for as low as RM 257 per month under a 36-month subscription. Depending on the product, consumers can lease or rent-to-own.

To recruit new consumers, Subplace is having a promotion for certain items for as low as RM 1/month. The RM 1 subscription deals include Ayam Brand tuna, Mondelez’s snacks, Vida drink, Aik Cheong coffee, Bird of Paradise rice and Maggi instant noodle.

As a consumer, the plus point of the subscription model is you can rent the stuff you want with a low entry point. For FMCG goods like Yakult, consumers can save on hefty delivery fees. For example the price of Yakult on Subplace is roughly similar to what you pay at the supermarket but without the associated transportation or delivery costs.

For brands, Subplace will help to recruit more consumers, improve retention and obtain data on consumer purchasing habits.



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