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Chocolatey push by Dutch Lady Malaysia

Dutch Lady Malaysia, through a CLT Product Test by Sensory Research Group in December 2013, claims more than 70% users chose its chocolate flavoured milk over other brands. CLT stands for central location test where a booth is set up, usually in the shopping mall. Consumers are asked to choose their favourite drink without knowing the brand name first hand.

Dutch Lady Chocolate
Taste Challenge

The latest Dutch Lady campaign echoes a similar Taste Challenge that was carried out by Minute Maid in Malaysia few years ago. The result was unsurprisingly 9 out of 10 fruit sellers chose Minute Maid Pulpy. The juice drink used this approach to obtain impartial endorsement by fruit sellers who are the expert in fruits to encourage consumers to switch to Minute Maid, which is a late entrant into the juice market.

For Dutch Lady, it is already a market leader in the chocolate flavoured UHT milk segment. The reason it is running this campaign is the chocolate drink market is getting more attention these days from manufacturers. Horlicks has gone into chocolate, while Soyfresh has partnered with Hershey’s to introduce the new Soyfresh Hershey’s chocolate and mocha flavoured soya milk range.

Chocolate seems to be the top choice for Malaysian consumers when it comes to flavoured UHT milk. The question is can banana milk, made famous by South Korea’s Binggrae, topple the dominance of chocolate in Malaysia? Banana milk flavour is now a big thing in China, largely due to the Korean pop culture influence. Will Malaysian dairy companies turn their attention to banana flavour? Let’s see what happens down the road.



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