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Habbatus sauda-enriched gummies showcased at recent halal fair

Gummies with habbatus sauda. Image credit: Minimeinsights.com

Bio Masyi, a gummy brand from Malaysia, has showcased its range of halal gummies enriched with habbatus sauda at the recent Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 (MHE 2019) in January 2019. The use of habbatus sauda, also known as black cumin, is unique in the gummy segment and this ingredient taps into the strong understanding about the healthy benefits of black cumin among the Muslim community in Malaysia.

The range comprises Gummies Universal with goat’s milk, Cola
Gummies enriched with Vitamin C and Roselle Gummies featuring Vitamin C. All three have habbatus sauda. Also new is Sakura Gummies, which is said to deliver energy, beauty and brain.

The gummies will be sold at Petronas petromart from February 2019 onward, said the company.

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