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Kopi Soe teamed up with Teh Pucuk Harum

In Indonesia, Kopi Soe has collaborated with the RTD tea brand Teh Pucuk Harum to roll out three new beverages – Soerya Tea, Soe Pucuk Lemon and Soe Pucuk Krim. It is interesting to see Teh Pucuk Harum engaging in more partnership with foodservice player, which has become a norm in the industry.

Tea and coffee are often considered as drinks targeting different consumer segments. By combining tea and coffee through the collaboration between Kopi Soe and Teh Pucuk Harum, it shows the importance of working together and stay united during this challenging times, explained Debora Christiany, Assistant Brand Manager Teh Pucuk Harum.

Kopi Soe has previously launched the “SERI KOERMA” or kurma series featuring Kopi Soe Koerma, Soe Koerma and Soe Koerma Jahe.



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