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Pizza Hut Empowers Riders to Use Electric Motorcycles for Eco-Friendly Food Delivery The First Phase Starts in Bangkok

Pizza Hut 1150, a world-class pizza brand well-known for regular innovations to create delicious and unique new pizza menus by famous chefs, is using P80 Go electric motorcycles for delivering food to customers.

The choice of electric vehicle technology is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, as a part of Pizza Hut Thailand’s sustainability goal.

In the first phase, the delivery service will be available in Bangkok before expanding to other areas around the country.

Ms. Ausana Mahagitsiri, the CEO of PH Capital Co., Ltd., said, “Pizza Hut places a strong emphasis on sustainable business and giving back to society. Thus, Pizza Hut conducts business with awareness of the environment, society, and governance in accordance with the ESG concept. In response to the global trends for reducing pollution, Pizza Hut decides to empower riders to use electric motorcycles to enhance the efficiency of delivery service under the concept “Eco-friendly delivery”. This supports the company’s intention to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as well as to be compliant with the government policy on clean energy. In the past two years, Pizza Hut’s sales through this delivery channel grew by 30%.

“Pizza Hut has chosen to use P80 Go electric motorcycles which are suitably designed for riders’ work in terms of motorcycle performance, speed, and power, with a maximum speed of 100 km/h. These motorcycles can reduce riders’ burden when the fuel cost is high by switching to use electric batteries which are chargeable and easy to maintain. All P80 Go electric motorcycles pass the efficiency test according to the standards of environmental friendliness. The customers who order food through Pizza Hut’s delivery channel are regarded as participating in the mission to save the world as well”, added Ms. Ausana.

We expect more retailers and foodsevice operators will shift to EV technology for mobility as a solution to reduce their climate footprint.


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