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myFirst Unveils Four Exciting New Products, Pioneering Safe and Enriching Tech for Malaysia Kids

L-R: G-Jay Yong (Founder of myFirst), Ayu, Anggun, Lim Pei Xin (General Manager of myFirst)

Empower your kids with myFirst latest offerings: myFirst Fone R2, Voice 2 as well as Frame Doodle and Frame Live, unique additions that seamlessly connect grandparents to their grandchildren’s digital world

26 JANUARY 2024, KUALA LUMPUR – Technology is a vital aspect of our everyday lives in the fast-paced digital age we live in today. Acknowledging the necessity of striking a balance between embracing the digital world and ensuring our kids are safe, myFirst introduces an array of four new and innovative kids-friendly gadgets.

The brand’s mission is to create innovative gadgets that cater to the unique needs of children while keeping parents in mind. As parents and educators, we are often faced with conflicting information on the impact of gadgets on children. Some studies point to negative effects on well-being in many areas, while others speak of the potential for learning and growth.

To enhance this safe technological journey for children, myFirst understands the critical need for kid-safe technology solutions and is commited to ensuring that children are exposed to technology and engaged in meaningful ways.

To kick off, myFirst Circle, a social community app for kids links nearly 30,000 users across 100 countries and receives major updates with exciting interactive features, including Momojis for expressive communication and a Knock-Knock feature for sharing real-time family fun moments. myFirst Circle was launched in Jan 2023 as its founder saw a gap in a digital platform that allows children to socialise in a safe and controlled environment.

Available on both myFirst’s smartwatch and mobile phone app, myFirst Circle 2.0 introduces a slew of fun interactive features, including Momojis that let kids express their feelings through moving emojis and Knock-Knocks where kids can immediately respond to parents’ online nudges through a short video or photo. A new smart location tracker offers parents real-time insights into their children’s activities and locations, providing parents with peace of mind throughout the day.

G-Jay Yong, myFirst Founder said, “We wanted to let children explore the world of social media while ensuring we are there to guide them along the way. Today, we are proud to introduce myFirst Circle 2.0, along with new devices – myFirst Fone R2, myFirst Frame Doodle, and myFirst Frame Live. myFirst Fone R2 offers an incredibly modern design paired with a stunning display while myFirst Frame Doodle is an addition that not only enhances children’s digital experiences but also empowers grandparents to effortlessly connect with their grandchildren, fostering meaningful family connections.

He adds, “Through Circle, I frequently check in on my daughter to stay connected with her daily activities, whether it’s during lunch, before bedtime, or while I’m working long hours or on overseas business trips. The inspiration behind the Knock-Knock feature is my desire to share these moments effortlessly. Now, I can monitor her and she responds with delightful updates, like enjoying a bowl of strawberries at home. It’s a simple yet powerful way for us to bridge the distance and feel close, no matter where we are.”

Previously, myFirst Fone R1, S3 and R1s, the first rounded 4G LTE music smartwatch phones were released into the market in November 2020 (R1), December 2021 (R1s) and February 2023 (S3) as a technology that empower kids while keeping them safe. Additionally, in line with the audio product range, the brand also offered myFirst Headphones BC Wireless, BC Wireless Lite, myFirst CareBuds and myFirst Headphones AirWaves which provide the experience of open-ear listening. This technology ensures that audio levels are set at an appropriate volume to protect a child’s ears while still providing an enjoyable learning experience.

myFirst Fone R2

One major feature that sets the myFirst Fone R2 apart from its previous model is the brand-new Magic Button”. This feature makes it quicker and more comfortable for kids to explore the possibilities of the device by allowing them to control multiple functions with a single press. With the Magic Button, you have seamless control at your fingers for monitoring notifications, making calls, and launching apps.

Additionally, myFirst Fone R2 also boasts an impressive 8GB of storage, ensuring the kids will have extra space for their favourite content and memories. They can stay connected for longer because of the improved 605mAh battery capacity, which ensures extended usage. This is a substantial upgrade from the previous version, which had 4GB storage and a 580mAh battery. With an AMOLED screen in addition to a 16% reduction in thickness and 7g lighter than its predecessor, myFirst Fone R2 sets a new standard for a smartwatch, it gives kids a better, snugger fit.

myFirst Voice 2

myFirst new product collection

Meanwhile, myFirst Voice 2 is a game changer in the realm of wireless microphones and speakers. This innovation is designed to transform any gathering into a delightful karaoke session. Not only that, change your voice easily and instantly with a press of a button with our AI Voice Changing Technology. The myFirst Voice 2 offers the convenience of wireless, the simplicity of a memory card, or the reliability of AUX, myFirst Voice 2 has you covered. Experience ultimate, endless entertainment with the five fun voice modes.

myFirst Frame Doodle 9

As part of the myFirst Circle ecosystem, myFirst presents Frame Doodle, a unique addition designed to connect kids to their grandparents and extended family. Designed for kids who love to draw, the myFirst Frame Doodle 9” brings families together by offering a new way to interact. By syncing with other myFirst devices, it allows the kids to share a feed of content from loved ones enabling them to strengthen the kids’ bond with family.

Frame Doodle syncs seamlessly with myFirst Circle app across all supporting devices. It displays personalized feeds of content shared by loved ones on myFirst Circle app, fostering a unique and customized experience. Developed to empower grandparents, Frame Doodle effortlessly connects them to their grandchildren’s digital world, offering more than just a digital frame. Grandparents can not only see but also interact with the posts their family shares on myFirst Circle instantly.

The new range of products is available for purchase at Shopee Mall (myfirst.os), LazMall (myFirst), TikTok Shop (myFirst) as well as myFirst’s official store at https://my.myfirst.tech/. You can also purchase myFirst products at any Urban Republic outlets nationwide. For more information, visit https://myfirst.tech/.

myFirst Circle is free and available on AppStore, Google Play & Huawei App Gallery.


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