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Reviewing LVLY Sweet Treats Explosion Box

Image credit: LVLY

Want to surprise a loved one like never before? Now’s your chance to really make their day in the most fun-filled way!

LVLY’s Sweet Treats Explosion Box will make them laugh, shout, and squeal like they’ve just been transported back to their childhood. Pure enjoyment in a box! With an explosion of colourful eco friendly confetti, sweet nostalgic childhood lolly favourites, and gorgeous bright packaging, there’s so much to love about this unique gift.

Image by Minimeinsights.com

What’s in it:
– Sweet mixed lolly bag of gummies and jelly beans (500g)
– ‘So LVLY’ vanilla-infused cookie with pink fondant topper
– Giant Caramel Latte macaron from Delectable by Su*
– Chocolate Concierge Dark & Delicious chocolate – 50g
– A free message card for a personal note

*Note: highly recommend refrigerating the giant macaron if not consumed immediately. Best eaten within a week.


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