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Danone ends yogurt, smoothie sales in Indonesia

Danone announced in early 2014 it would stop selling its Milkuat yogurt, Activia yogurt and Danone Smoothee in Indonesia starting March/April 2014. The official reason was to focus its business on children’s dairy products.

Picture A taken in a Jakarta supermarket in October 2013 shows Danone did not command strong shelf presence
Picture A shows Danone’s yogurt products did not enjoy strong shelf presence when the picture was taken in one of the supermarkets in Jakarta in October 2013. The photo also shows local brands dominated the drinking yogurt segment including smoothies through lower prices and stronger shelf presence. Danone Smoothee was selling for Rp 7,500 compared with Rp 6,250 for Cimory. Of course, Yakult dominates the cultured yogurt segment.

The exit of Danone from the spoonable yogurt and drinking segment will provide space for local companies including Yummy (Yofit), Cimory and Diamond (Biokul) as well as foreign spoonable yogurt players such as Elle & Vire and Emmi. The withdrawal of Danone from the spoonable yogurt segment also indicates drinking yogurt is still the most popular way to enjoy yogurt on the go. This is not helped by the fact that spoon does not come together with the packaging of the spoonable yogurt, making spoonable yogurt mainly for at-home consumption.

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