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Thailand’s IF Fruitamin juice has potential in the region

IF Fruitamin juice, made by Thailand’s General Beverage Co in the province of Nakhon Pathom and distributed by Drinkologist Co, is one of the premium fruit juices from Thailand that is tapping the export market. Its packaging is trendy and eye catching. The taste is pretty good too. Drinkologist started distributing in Singapore, Laos, Myanmar and Brunei in 2014 and aims to derive 20% of revenue from ASEAN (excluding Thailand) in the coming three years.

IF Fruitamin does have the export potential like Sappe’s Mogu Mogu, a juice drink with coconut jelly. The refreshing appearance also makes it competitive compared to Malee, which is widely available in the region. One thing IF Fruitamin can do to promote itself in Southeast Asia is to target young consumers looking for something new and exciting.

IF Fruitmin in 7-11 Singapore, May 2015
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