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Delica Stop & Smell the Coffee has a winning product – Mocha Peppermint White Coffee

Most of use have heard this over the airwaves “Stop & Smell the Coffe, Delica” even before the coffee was made available in stores. Delica coffee, manufactured by iCoffee Living Sdn Bhd and distributed by OEL Group of Companies, can now be found in most outlets. The Delica coffee is not to be confused with the Switzerland-based Delica AG, even though both are into coffee manufacturing.

Delica competes in a crowded instant white coffee market. The packaging is spartan but easy to recognise, thanks to the use of bold colours.

The only thing that makes Delica special is the unique Mocha Peppermint white coffee, which can be served cold and comes with a minty flavour. This is a product that stands above the rest and needs to receive more marketing budget. As for the Rich/Classic instant white coffee, they do not have a unique selling point compared to competitor products such as PappaRich stevia white coffee or the Kopiko L.A. (Low-Acid) white coffee. Therefore, personally, i feel Mocha Peppermint white coffee does have some potential to appeal to young coffee drinkers.


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