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Halal-certified Kit Kat Green Tea now made in Malaysia

From Kit Kat Malaysia Facebook site

The Japanese-inspired Kit Kat Green Tea used to be highly expensive and a novelty. It is usually come as gifts from friends or relatives visiting Japan or available at the Japanese food section in premium grocers. Now, thanks to the high demand  for Kit Kat Green Tea, Nestle has started producing it locally at its halal-certified Chembong plant in Malaysia. The made-in-Malaysia, halal-certified Kit Kat Green Tea was officially launched on 12 September 2015. Malaysian consumers can now consume Kit Kat Green Tea without worries since it has been certified halal. 

Photo taken at Jaya One Cold Storage

The Kit Kat Green Tea is being extended into the ice cream category. This shows the ease in which innovation in the chocolate category can be adapted for the ice cream sector. 


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