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Ichitan founder set to drop a bombshell on Indonesian RTD tea market typical Tan Passakornnatee style

Indonesian consumers are set to experience the marketing prowess of Tan Passakornnatee when he unveil the yellow container box at Jakarta’s Central Park on this coming Tuesday (29th October 2015). What would be inside the box? Based on the TVC on the Ichitan Indonesia Facebook site, it is likely to be a container full of the latest Ichitan RTD tea or perhaps some gold bars? No, I was wrong. Mr Tan and the two brand ambassadors Al Ghazali dan Pevita Pearce were inside the container. 

This is what’s inside the container

The dramatic TVC shows Tan delivering boxes bearing the iconic Ichitan logo into the giant yellow container in a port in Thailand. On the way to Indonesia, the ship was hit by a storm and the ever daring Tan courageously held on to the precious cargo to keep it safe. He weathered the storm and by day break, help came in a form of a helicopter carrying the cargo to the final destination in Jakarta. The content of the cargo will be unveiled on the 29th of October.

Images from the Ichitan TVC on Ichitan Indonesia Facebook site

Here is the full TVC.

Ichitan RTD green tea – lychee and honey lemon – is already available at Alfamart at a price of Rp 4,900 (USD 0.357) per bottle and IDR 7,000 at 7-Eleven. PT Atri Pasifik, a joint venture between Sigmantara Alfindo (Alfa Group), the parent of  Alfamart, and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp, has a 50:50 joint venture with Thailand’s Ichitan Group Public Limited. The new company will start the local production of Ichitan RTD tea in Indonesia in 2016. Partnering with Alfa Group ensures the new product is able to reach over 10,000 modern retail stores of Alfa Group including Alfamart.

Photo taken at Alfamart on 20 October 2015

The new Ichitan RTD tea in 420ml PET will be up against several leading Japanese green tea brands such as Futami 17, Mirai Ocha and Kiyora. The other challenge is taste. After having acquired a taste for Sosro tea for years, can Indonesians finally accept the taste of Ichitan, which is rather similar to Nestea but with a stronger green tea taste. Nestea does have a presence in the foodservice channel. As such, Tan Passakornnatee will need to employ all his marketing genius to make the Ichitan brand a success in Indonesia.

Indonesia RTD tea landscape. Does not include Sosro, Teh Kotak, Teh Botol and Frestea


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