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Indonesian beverages focusing on on-the-go occassion

Indonesian beverage companies are shifting their focus to out-of-home, on-the-go drinking occasion as they widen the drinking occassion. OT Group’s Teh Gelas now comes in a 250ml on-the-go PET bottle, which is an add on to its existing 500ml and 350ml PET variants and the 1L, 500ml, 350ml and 250ml carton format as well as the iconic cup format. The Teh Gelas range started from the affordable cup format before moving to carton and then PET bottle.The TVC shows how easy the 250ml bottle fits into the hand of an office lady and how it can be slipped into the pocket for on-the-go occasion. The suggested retail price is IDR2,000 (USD0.15).

Teh Gelas 250ml TV commercial.

Sosro’s famous Teh Botol is now sold on the street in two PET bottle variants – 450ml and 350ml. Before the 450ml was launched, Teh Botol is usually sold in the returnable glass bottle format. The new 350ml PET bottle shows the company is targeting on-the-go consumption as smaller size means lower price and therefore more affordability. The 450ml Teh Botol is sold at a price of IDR10,000 on the street, while the smaller 350ml is priced at IDR7,000.

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Danone’s Aqua, a brand synonymous with packaged water, now comes in the Click and Go format for on-the-go occasions such as running, at the gym, cycling and on the road. To consume, consumers just need to flip the cap. The Click and Go comes is in a 750ml PET format. A comparable product is by Cleo.

The picture of the Aqua Click and Go is from Sukamart.com. The rest was taken at Indomaret
From PR1NKGObloG 

For AJE Indonesia, the company behind in BIG Cola range, it is now focusing on promoting the smaller 300ml variant. The reason for the shift in strategy is the existing 535ml format, which has a suggested retail price of IDR3,000, is now being sold at a higher price of IDR5,000 by street vendors, making appear to be less affordable. To improve affordability, the company is promoting the smaller 300ml format, which comes with a suggested retail price of IDR2,000. Street vendors are selling the 300ml format for only IDR2,500, making the price closer to the 535ml IDR3,000 range.

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Affordability and mobility will be the key trends for Indonesian beverages and small pack sizes and packaging that makes it easier to consume will be the growth drivers.


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