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Milo, Brand’s helping children to score better in exams

In an exam-oriented society like Malaysia, achieving the highest grade and doing well at school are hallmarks of success. Brands are tapping into the strong desire by parents to see their children do well in their examinations and the classic example is Brand’s Essence of Chicken.

Brand’s honouring top achieversbrands-smart-achievers

The Brand’s Smart Achievers honours top performing students who do well in both their studies and extra-curricular activities. According to Cerebos Malaysia vice president and general manager Koh Joo Siang, “dedication and hard work with a little boost from Brand’s Essence of Chicken to improve their memory, concentration and energy levels as they go about their daily revision and activities, both students and parents are deserving of this honour.”

Give him nothing less than Milo to take on the exam


Now Milo, the chocolate malt drink from Nestle, is aligning the brand with what Malaysian parents concerned the most – examination. The message by Milo is to give your children a cup of Milo in the morning to take on the exams as Milo provides the energy needed to stay focus.

The marketing messages of Brand’s and Milo resonate with Malaysian parents’ obsession with good grades. The exam-focused culture is alive and kicking in Asia with parents in China praying for their kids to score well in the university entrance examination.

Never Give Up

Singapore is known for being a meritocratic society. The Milo advertisement conveys a different yet positive message by focusing on ‘Never Give Up’ as a way to help children to rise above the exam pressure.

“In the lead up to PSLE, children aim to live up to self-imposed expectations as well as those set by their parents, to achieve a high score.

MILO spoke with primary school going children who showed how having the right attitude helps them to rise above the pressure and #NeverGiveUp.”

This is the right message for children and parents. Ultimately, it is about nurturing the child to never give up in life.


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