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Press Release: 7-Eleven Malaysia ‘Bring Your Own’ Cup Day 2016 is here again!

Image: A collage of last year’s creative entrants

Press Release:

Wednesday, 2 November 2016 – Ever had a hankering to drink a Slurpee® out of something extraordinary? Like a bucket or sport trophy or maybe even a coconut shell?

Then, from 7 a.m. this Monday, November 7 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 8 – is your time to do so! “Bring Your Own Cup Day 2016″ is back at all 2,000+ 7-Eleven stores around the country covering both Peninsular and East Malaysia. Folks can fill up any cup they bring into the store for only RM2.90 whilst being able to participate in a photo contest to win cool prizes.

“Think of it as 7-Eleven’s Malaysia way of celebrating, not only our birthday, but more importantly, our loyal customers” says Ronan Lee, GM of Marketing at 7-Eleven.  He added, “The date 7/11 is a special one for us and traditionally, we reward our fans by allowing them to enjoy their most favorite frozen beverage, Slurpee® in this unique way. As a continuation of last year’s roaring success, we’ve decided to maintain BYOC 2016 for 2 days as we want everybody to be able to celebrate with us!” He concluded by saying, “We note that the entries are getting more and more creative over the years and it’ll be a challenge to surpass past year’s creative ways of people enjoying their Slurpee®, but with Malaysian’s endless ingenuity and creativity, we believe the entries will be even better this year.”

But, alas, there are rules.

No, your “cup” can’t be a trash can (too big) or a football boot (too unsanitary) or a cap (too porous). But, most clean, water-tight vessels that are no bigger than 22 centimeters in diameter meet the requirements. If you can stick a straw in it, and it’s not a live animal or an electronic, you’re good!

The cups must be able to fit through a 22-centimeters diameter hole posted on special signs in-store. Slurpee® fans can then fill it with their favorite Slurpee® flavor – or all of them.

For those eager to bring in creative cups, but unsure what to bring, here are some oddball “cups” that customers have previously used at BYO Cup Days: plant pots, vases, tea kettles, plastic bags and, yes, even the durian shell.

Whilst enjoying their special treat then Slurpee® lovers are also able to participate in the “Bring Your Own Cup Day 2016” contest where all one has to do is snap a photo of their most creative Slurpee® “cup” with the hashtags #7ElevenMY #BYOCMY2016 and share them on 7-Eleven Malaysia’s Facebook page or one’s personal Instagram page but do remember to change the privacy setting to public for the post. Nifty prizes such as CoolWheel™ Hoverboards, Fujifilm Instax Cameras and the limited edition Slurpee® Makers will be up for grabs so let’s get creative!

For more details, please visit www.7eleven.com.my or follow 7ElevenMalaysia on Facebook.



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