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Coca-Cola Stevia offers 35% less sugar now available in Malaysia

35% lower sugar

Coca-Cola Bottlers (Malaysia) has rolled out Coca-Cola Stevia (also known as Coca-Cola Life in other markets). The 500ml stevia-sweetened Coke contains 35% less sugar than Coca-Cola Classic. Each 100ml serving of Coca-Cola Stevia contains 6.6g of total sugar. The aftertaste of stevia is minimal as the drink contains sucrose to even out the taste.

Coca-Cola is actively optimising its range to provide Malaysian consumers with healthier option and the new Coca-Cola Stevia is seen as heading in that direction.

100% stevia-sweetened Coke in the pipeline

As reported by BeverageDaily.com in November 2017, Coca-Cola said it plans to launch Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar, sweetened with stevia alone, in an unspecified market outside of the US in the first half of 2018. The beverage giant is currently working with Pure Circle on Reb M, a stevia glycoside that imparts “a clean, sugar-like sweetness.”

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